Getting the most from your music distribution.

There’s more to getting your music out there than simply pressing the “finalize” button in your CD Baby dashboard. And there’s a big difference between releasing a new song or album and having that music actually make an impact.

Here are ten things you should do as soon as you distribute music through CD Baby to be sure you’re making the most of the new release:

1. Create a account (for FREE) is an impressive suite of music marketing tools used by major labels and giant acts such as Maroon 5, OASIS, and Britney Spears.

With you can:

  • grow your email list
  • drive activity and follows on Spotify
  • boost YouTube video views
  • and much more

As a CD Baby artist, you get to use those same tools for FREE!

To start an account, log into your CD Baby dashboard and follow the “free marketing tools” link. Then check out these tips for creating a successful online music marketing campaign.

2. Subscribe to the DIY Musician Podcast

You’re already on the DIY Musician Blog, so I’m going to assume you know that this website exists as an informational resource for independent musicians. But did you know we have a podcast too? More than 200 episodes!

Subscribe to stay up-to-date on the latest music marketing trends, industry news, and more.

3. Bookmark the CD Baby Help Center

Got a question about digital or physical distribution, YouTube Monetization, sync licensing, music publishing, and more?

Chances are the answer is in our Help Center, which — unlike the people who work at CD Baby — never has to sleep, so you can get the info you need 24/7.

4. Professionalize your publishing rights

If you write original music, you own the publishing rights to those songs. But do you have a publishing administrator to help you actually put those rights to use, collect all the publishing royalties that your music generates, and register your songs with collection societies around the world?

That’s exactly what CD Baby Pro Publishing does, and you can upgrade any release you’re distributing through CD Baby for a one-time fee (no annual fees). Get started HERE.

5. Monetize your music across all of YouTube

It’s easy to skip a lot of the “extras” when you’re rushing through the release process, but go back now and make sure you’re set up to make the biggest splash. Opt-in for all that CD Baby offers as part of its standard distribution package, including sync licensing and YouTube monetization. (It’s a simple checkbox within your CD Baby dashboard).

When you monetize your music through CD Baby’s YouTube program, you’ll earn ad revenue wherever your music is used on YouTube — not just in your own official videos, but in ANY video where your music appears.

6. Register with SoundExchange

If you’re the owner of your own sound recording, the primary artist on the recording, or a member of the band, there are additional digital performance royalties you’re owed whenever your music is played on internet and satellite radio (Pandora, SiriusXM, etc.).

But since these royalties are associated with the recording and not the song, they are not considered publishing royalties — so your performing rights organization (such as ASCAP or BMI) can’t collect them.

That’s where SoundExchange comes in. SoundExchange will collect that money and distribute it to labels, artists, and players. To collect yours, register with SoundExchange today.

7. Verify your artist on Spotify

If you’re using CD Baby to distribute your music, we’ll help you instantly claim your Spotify for Artists account. Just GO HERE.

If you’re not a CD Baby artist, Spotify verification is still super simple. It takes you minutes at most to complete the request and then you just have to wait a bit for them to verify you. Once they have, you’ll get a nice blue check mark by your artist name on Spotify. More importantly, once you’re given access to your Spotify for Artists account, you’ll be able to customize your artist profile, promote playlists, and more.

8. Create or update your web presence

Not really present online? Both Bandzoogle and HearNow give you great, simple options for creating a website for your music.
Learn more: The indie musician’s guide to building a professional website.

If you’ve already got a website (and a billion social profiles), it’s time to refresh them with news, images, updated bios, and videos that are relevant to your latest release.

9. Get acquainted with our Daily Trending Reports

Every day in your CD Baby dashboard you’ll receive updated data to help you find out who’s listening to your music, where they live, which playlists you’ve been featured on, and more. Check it, read it, use it — HERE.

10. Check out “The most boring (and IMPORTANT) release checklist ever”

So far this list has been mostly limited to things that relate directly to your CD Baby distribution, but obviously you want to do as much as possible to promote your music. Go HERE for some more to-do items, including details about submitting music to Pandora Radio.

Hopefully this list gives you a better idea of how to use CD Baby to its fullest.

As always, if you have questions, holler in the comments!

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