Vimeo: A Worthwhile Alternative to YouTube?

When it comes to online video, YouTube is clearly king. If you’re trying to reach the most viewers with the least amount of effort, it’s the way to go. So while there’s no mystery as to where the majority of the web’s video is viewed, it is worth discussing the contrast between YouTube and the internet’s other major video site, Vimeo. We’ve seen a lot of bands using Vimeo as the exclusive site for their music videos, and we started to wonder why. What advantages does Vimeo have over YouTube?

Less Clutter. Vimeo is strict about copyrighted content not making its way onto their site, and the lack of recycled clips makes for a much more streamlined viewing experience.

Cleaner Appearance. One of the big things you’ll notice initially about Vimeo is that the player is much different than YouTube’s. The controls fall away after you’re done using them, and just as quickly reappear when they’re needed again.

Great Customization Options. Vimeo’s embed code generator is highly tweakable, letting you adjust how much accompanying text and other content appears along with the video once it’s embedded on another site. You can also upload a photo to use as the preview image, so you’re not stuck having to choose between screen caps that aren’t always ideal.

Downloadable Videos. Vimeo allows downloading, which is an easy way to give your fans the option to remix your video or take it with them on their iPods.

Community. While YouTube often seems like a chaotic free-for-all, Vimeo always seems a bit more cultured. This might just be an opinion, but it really seems like artists (of any medium) are much more likely to use Vimeo.

Of course, you can always just use both. But if you like to keep your content in one dedicated spot, feel like you identify more with the little guy, or are just looking to avoid the usual plethora of insult-slinging on YouTube, Vimeo is a great way to go. Check it out. You’ll find that there’s a lot of independent music on there, and a lot less stuff to sift through.

Are any of you using Vimeo instead of/in addition to YouTube? What’s your opinion on it?

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