Did you know that using Spotify’s Canvas feature encourages listeners to interact with your song?


Spotify’s data backs it up. If your song has a high-quality Canvas video, listeners are:

  • 145% more likely to share your track
  • 20% more likely to add your track to a playlist
  • 9% more likely to visit your artist profile
  • 5% more likely to stream your song

With this feature, you can upload 3-8 second looping videos for each of your tracks on Spotify.  These visuals allow you to build an immediate, high-impact emotional connection with current and potential fans, and show that you’re serious about your music.

So, why not make use of ALL the real estate Spotify provides? Let us walk you through the how-to.

BIG NEWS: You can now make Canvas videos quickly and easily using CDB Video Creator. Here’s how!


Step 1: Access the Video Creator

Log in to your CD Baby account and access the CDB Video Creator through Your Videos under the Manage tab. Choose the song or album you want to make videos for from your existing distributed releases.

Step 2: Select your background

Choose your desired background from our extensive library (over a million clips!) or upload your video.

Step 3: Add effects

Use the editing tool to refine the selection and trim the clip for a specific range — right down to the millisecond. Enhance your video with premium styles and effects, tailoring it to match your artistic vibe.

Step 4: Select your loop

Optimize the looping effect by choosing from three options: Hard-Cut, Rebound, and Fade Repeat.

Step 5: You’re almost done!

Preview your creation, upload your audio for synchronization, pay for your video, and download it. That’s it!

Once you’ve downloaded your video, you can log in to your Spotify for Artists account and upload it there to add it to your track. 

How do I upload my Canvas video to Spotify? 

Follow these steps:

  • Select the relevant track within Spotify for Artists
  • Click the + to select the right song
  • Choose the video from your camera roll, or drag and drop from your desktop
  • Trim the video to between 3-8 seconds
  • Review and click Next to upload
  • Verify your right to post the video content, then share it on social media

Canvas videos give listeners an exciting new way to engage with your music. But remember: In order to use Canvas, you need to be a verified artist on Spotify.

CD Baby makes Spotify artist verification fast and simple. Once you’re a CD Baby client and you’ve claimed your Spotify for Artists account, you should see Canvas as an option.