Twitter 101 For Bands – 5 Tips to Get You Started

twitter_logo_bzhiIt’s amazing how Twitter has become a part of the mainstream culture.  What’s even more surprising is how many artists have still not taken the Twitter plunge. At first, the micro-blogging format can be confusing and seem a bit ridiculous, but if you hang in there Twitter can be a powerful asset in your music promotion arsenal that not only helps spread the word about your music, but is great for making real-world connections with people on an individual basis. Since there are a lot of Twitter newbies out there, here are 5 tips for new artists/band getting on Twitter. If you have any other starter tips, feel free to add them by leaving a comment on this post.

1. You have to stick with it and be consistent. Twitter will take some time before you start to see its full potential.

2. Start out by following people that tend to discuss topics you like. Seek out other artists/bands that are experienced on Twitter and “follow” them. Chances are you’ll pick up a few points

3. It’s a great tool to help develop your story telling ability. Take everyday events and make them sound interesting.

4. It’s a public forum, so don’t say don’t say anything that you want kept private.

5. Avoid shameless self promotion as much as possible, as people will see right through that on Twitter.  Interaction is the key!

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