Why Pre-Cleared Sync Deals Are Good For Indie Musicians.

Since launching our new sync licensing program a few days ago, we’ve had many thousands of artists sign up. But one of the most frequent questions we’ve been hearing is “Will I be able to decide who licenses my music?”

The simple answer is no, but here’s why–

Firstly, it’s standard in sync licensing at the indie level to have what is called a “pre-cleared” deal, meaning the licensing company won’t have to hunt down the artist every time someone wants to use their music.  (Insert joke about musicians and timely responses HERE).

This is a typical scenario – Music supervisor from NBC calls and says, “I need an indie track that sounds like Coldplay.  I have X amount I can spend on it, and I need something cleared by the end of the day.”

Imagine hundreds of those calls coming into the licensing agency, who’d then have to try to track down each artist,…  artists may be out on the road playing music, or who don’t have their phone on them, or who are just awful about checking email.  They’ll lose the license.  The money will go to someone who IS available.

Unless you are an artist in a better bargaining position (Like you really are Coldplay) the production team usually doesn’t have time to just sit around waiting for a response.  Obviously there are exceptions to the rule, but for the average indie artist, this is the case.

The pre-cleared deal is a good thing for artists at the indie level. It allows the licensing company to act quickly on the artist’s behalf and get you that money!  That’s why music supervisors like indie music– because it’s EASY to license.  It means more opportunities for the artist to earn cash.

If you’re concerned about the usage of your music, you don’t have to opt-in for our sync licensing deal. But just to ease your mind, you should know that our licensing partner Rumblefish has a strict “no porn” and “no hate” site/videos policy.  Music in the sync program will never be available for those types of usages.

What is CD Baby’s sync licensing program? Details in the video below:

Check out this article if you’re curious what sync licensing is.

Also, for more details about this program, see our sync-licensing FAQ.

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