Is it OK to wear your own band’s t-shirt on stage?

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Is it ok to wear your own band's t-shirt on stageI think Def Leppard’s “Armageddon It” video¬†was the first time I consciously noticed a dude in a band wearing his own group’s t-shirt. As a kid it confused me, and it continues to puzzle me to this day. I mean, I guess it’s one thing if you’re in a touring band and an overly exuberant fan bazooka-barfs on your chest minutes before you hit the stage. Then you’re in a position where you’re just looking for something relatively clean, and digging into your box of merch might be your only option.

But Joe Elliott, Def Leppard’s lead singer, clearly modified that shirt pre-video-shoot. This was all very intentional. Was he worried that the 50,000 Aqua-Netted fans in attendance weren’t sure what insanely popular band with one of the best-selling albums in the history of rock music they paid to see? Or did he not want to ruin one of his good shirts by cutting it into a sweet tank top, which he then proceeded to tuck into his shredded jeans? We may never know for sure.

But we do know this: he’s not the only member of this club. You’ve probably seen singers in local bands pulling the same move. Maybe they think this is the same thing as writing your group’s name on the front of the bass drum, but it’s more effective because it moves around a lot and is at the front of the stage. Or maybe the rest of the band secretly wishes the singer would stop wearing their shirts because it’s goofy-looking and is cutting into their merch sales.

What do you think? Is is tacky to wear your own band’s shirt on stage, or is it a badge of honor for the road-worn musician who was so busy rocking that he lost all the shirts he packed for the tour? Got any favorite pictures of artists wearing their own shirt? Share those, too!

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