How Artists Get Paid for Their Music

How Do Music Royalties Work?

Do you know how music revenue flows back to songwriters, artists, publishers, and labels?

Most musicians have a general understanding of how money works when it comes to live performance and merch sales — but when it comes to getting compensated for radio play, digital sales, webcasts, and interactive streaming, the waters are a bit more murky.

Last week, the folks at the Future of Music Coalition published four online quizzes that let you test your knowledge about the music revenue streams mentioned above, and how that money is distributed. The best thing about the quizzes — if you don’t know the answers, they’ll explain it to you right then and there.

Learn more about how these organizations work:

* SoundExchange

* PROs like BMI and ASCAP

* Harry Fox Agency


If you want to learn even more about how musicians, songwriters, labels, and publishers earn money from broadcast radio and webcasting, digital sales, and interactive streams, also check out these detailed infographics from the folks at Future of Music Coalition. 

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