How to get bloggers to notice (and write about) your music

How to get music bloggers to write about your music

7 simple steps to get music bloggers interested in your latest album, single, video, or tour

Music bloggers are a mysterious lot, blogging behind the thick curtains of the blogosphere about music blog-y things.

There are just so MANY music blogs, so many genres, so many new releases, and so much music news. If you’re a DIY musician handling your own PR amongst all that noise, approaching the music media can get frustrating and confusing real quick.

Who knows what music bloggers are going to want to write about you, or how to get them to take notice? Well, actually, Danielle Look does.

Danielle (who recently contributed an article to this blog on how to throw a successful listening party) is music editor for the Indianapolis-based arts & entertainment blog; and in her article “How to get a blogger to notice your music in 7 easy steps,” she pulls the curtain back on the process of pitching music releases and music news to bloggers. 

If you’re wondering who to approach about your latest album or tour, which channels they’d prefer to be contacted through, and what information you should convey, check out Danielle Look’s article “How to get a blogger to notice your music in 7 easy steps.”

Have you had success getting bloggers to write about your music? Let us know all about it — from the pitching of your story to the published blog post. Leave your comments in the section below.

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