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How to get your music covered by blogs[This post was written by guest contributor Dave Kusek of The New Artist Model.]

Music bloggers have overtaken the music industry, and many of them are totally accessible for indie musicians and smaller bands looking to get their name out there. The subject of music blogs can be anything from music reviews to industry commentary, but individual blogs tend to focus in on a specific niche like alternative rock reviews, EDM concert reviews, or music marketing.

Because most bloggers don’t have the following or the capital of some of the big music magazines, they tend to focus on more independent artists. This means you have a much better chance of getting coverage for your music!

The coolest thing about blogs is that they tend to have a really dedicated following. These are people who trust the bloggers’ opinions, and if the blogger recommends something they will most likely at least check it out. On top of that, their following is usually very niche specific – people wouldn’t follow a rock and roll blog if they didn’t like rock and roll. This means you’re guaranteed an audience that already likes the type of music you play. This is niche marketing at it’s finest.

Here’s where the problem comes in. There’s not too much information out there telling you how to get your music on blogs. Because every blog is different and every blogger has different tastes in music, there is no finite formula. There are, however, some basic strategies from the New Artist Model course that you can use when contacting music bloggers.

The number one key to getting your music covered is establishing a relationship with bloggers. On that note, when you “pitch” your music to a new blog, you want to talk to them like people – generic press release material isn’t going to cut it. Do your research, know what kinds of music they like writing about, address them by their name in your email, and make your pitch specific to their blog. Start with smaller blogs and work your way up, keeping in mind that the blogger community tends to be very interconnected – an article on one blog may well open the door to connections with other bloggers.

Once you’ve gotten your music covered once, it’s up to you to build up the relationship. Share links to the article via email, social media, and your website. Invite the blogger to your gigs if you’re going through their home town. Give them first dibs to cover new music. You could even offer them a chance to share an exclusive first look at your new single to their readers, or give their readers a free download.

Mirror Lady is an indie band that really owned this blog strategy for their Roman Candles EP back in 2012. Like most indie bands just starting out, they didn’t have a huge following, but they still managed to secure tons of blog coverage for their release. Of course, the quality needs to be there, but they attributed a lot of their success to their online marketing strategy. “How people discover music today has changed so much. Nobody goes to shows to find out about bands, they find out about them online and then go see them in concert after the fact.”1

They didn’t waste the time and money going out on a national tour. Instead, they created relationships with bloggers, kept in touch with them even if they didn’t have any content, and sent targeted and to-the-point emails when they did have new music to promote.

Of course, there’s a lot more to music marketing than your blog strategy. You also need to know how to use your website, social media, and email list to reach out to new fans and keep your current fans interested and excited about your music. In the New Artist Model online music business courses, you can learn how to run your marketing strategies like a real business. You’ll create an actionable and personalized plan that will help you turn your music into your career.

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