Creative beatmaking tips from JK Swopes: mastering Maschine

Creative beatmakingHow to make seamless loops and beats using Maschine

Maschine, the versatile groove production studio from Native Instruments, can transform how any musician or producer works.

One of its best features, without a doubt, is the sampler.

In this short clip from his “Mastering the Maschine” course on CreativeLive, JK Swopes – AKA St.Joe – explains how to use it and how you can quickly and efficiently create seamless loops and beats.

Looking for more? JK continues his free course today by diving into FX routing and automation, incorporating iOS with Maschine, sound design, building a remix, and more.

Check it out here!

What tools do you use to create beats? Let us know about your production setup in the comments below.

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