Album Release Countdown: 12 to 4 months before release

This is an excerpt from “Countdown to Maximum Exposure,” a free PDF guide written by and CD Baby for musicians who are preparing to release a new album within the next year.

You can start promoting your album even while you’re still making it. Fans today like to be let behind the scenes. They want to feel a part of the creative process. Using social media, you can let them in on your private artistic world.

Share photos and videos

Share details about the production process, your studio, a new instrument, etc. on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube. Showing behind-the-scenes details will get the fans you already have interested in your next album before it’s even recorded.

Share demos and rough mixes

To give your fans a greater sense of investment and involvement in the project, give your fans a voice to pick their favorites between alternate versions of a song.


If you’re considering crowdfunding (or fan funding) your project, this is also the perfect time to prepare that campaign. For additional information, check out CD Baby Podcast #98 for an interview with RocketHub’s Brian Meece.

Assemble your street team

If you want to build a street team, check out’s How To Create and Manage a Street Team.

Getting your fans interested in what you’re working on as it’s happening will increase your chances of stirring up a real buzz upon the album’s release. As the saying goes: you market through people, not to them.

The 12 Month Plan

1.Album Release Countdown: 12 to 4 months before release

2.Album Release Countdown: 4 to 3 months until release

3.Album Release Countdown: 3 to 2 months until release

4.Album Release Countdown: 2 to 1 months before release

5.Album Release Countdown: 1 month until release

6.Album Release Countdown: the day of release

7.Album Release Countdown: post-release

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