5 ways to ruin your live concert

There are a lot of ways to tank a concert before it begins. The quick video above warns us about five common rookie mistakes. If you want to look like a pro and have a great show, don’t…

1. Put too many (or terrible) acts on the bill

No one wants to sit through three crappy acts just to get to your 1am set. Bad openers, or too many openers, kills the vibe.

2. Show up late

Divas show up late. Pros are punctual. Fans hate waiting around for the music to begin. They have lives to live. Jobs to work in the morning. Netflix to catch up on. Be on time.

3. Skip soundcheck

Live sound isn’t a place for spontaneity or winging it. See the above point, get to the venue on time, and dial it all in.

4. Put too many people on the guest list

If your friends are truly there to support your music, they can pay. Don’t load the guest list up with dozens of names. Also, if you have an entourage, maybe it’s time to put some of those people to work: there are shirts to sell, cables to coil, email lists that need signing.

5. Perform to tracks that are exactly like the single or album

If your show isn’t going to differ from your recordings, what’s the point in going? If you’re playing to tracks, make sure something new and interesting happens. Keep it feeling as “live” as possible.

As I said, those are just five common ways to kill a concert. Do you want to add any warnings to the list? Comment below.


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