Promote Your Music w/ Download Wristbands

How to Use Download WristbandsCD Baby’s new download wristbands are a great way to promote your music

What’s a download wristband?

Simple: imagine a sleek, customized download card you can wear around your wrist. 

Each one comes with a unique code, redeemable on for a free album or single download.

Use download wristbands at your next concert

Instead of stamping wrists or using the venue’s wristbands, you can arrange for the door-person at your next show to put a download wristband on everyone who comes into the venue.

Then your fans can take your music home with them after the show.

How to Promote Your Music with Download Wristbands

* Give away download wristbands at your album release party. Oftentimes, bands give away “free” copies of their new CD at album release parties to everyone who pays the cover charge (which is usually higher than normal, since it’s a special event — and that makes up for the cost of the CD). With download wristbands, you can do a similar thing at a fraction of the cost.

* Use download wristbands to release one single every month. While you’re building up to your album launch, you can give fans a taste of the record-in-progress by giving out or selling download wristbands for each new single — one per month.

* Promote a festival or compilation album with download wristbands. Create a comp-album for larger events that feature multiple bands’ music — and you’ll all be helping one another gain new fans.

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