Premiere your next music video as a LIVE event on Facebook

Facebook music monetization for indie artists: What you need to know

Yes, Facebook now allows all pages to post prerecorded videos as live events.

This is pretty huge. Now your fans can play a more direct part in the experience of a video premiere on Facebook, join the conversation around a new song or video, and help you boost that video’s organic reach with you pressing the “boost” button.

Facebook announced how live video premieres work on their platform:

The ability to watch and discuss together in real time is something we want to bring to all video on Facebook. By debuting a pre-recorded video as a live moment, Premieres help creators and publishers unlock a new viewing window and live audience. For the first time on Facebook, fans can interact and experience new videos together.

Schedule your video premieres on Facebook up to a week in advance.

You can create a post ahead of time — which will later servs as the live staging ground for the video when it premieres — and share that with your fans. They can then engage with that post, request an event reminder for the launch time, and even share it with others. That announcement post then will automatically change into the live video premiere at the scheduled time. After the “live” video concludes, that post will live as an archived video (the same way normal Facebook Live videos can be archived).

Here’s a video with info about how video premieres work:

Facebook has also been rolling out video polling options, interesting changes to its Top Fans feature, and more.

Check out all the details HERE.

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