A free webinar about the right way and wrong way to market your music

Join CD Baby’s VP of Marketing Kevin Breuner and Dave Kusek of New Artist Model on Tuesday, June 28th (7pm EST) as they tear down the barriers that kill effective music marketing, and show you better ways to do it.

They’ll talk about the traps that many artists fall into in the social media age, things that artists commonly think are “marketing” but are really just a waste of time, and help you understand what actions will get you moving (and marketing) in the right direction.

What you’ll learn at this webinar

* SEE how to avoid the TRAPS that waste your time on Social Media.

* LEARN how to craft a compelling STORY and how to tell it.

* GET your promotion and MARKETING moving in the right direction.

* GET the latest TRICKS for building and connecting with your AUDIENCE.

* HOW TO make STREAMING and playlisting work for you.

CLICK HERE and signup for the FREE Webinar (Tuesday, June 28th at 7pm EST), or signup and watch the recorded Replay anytime!

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