Building your press kit.

[This post is an excerpt from Ariel Hyatt’s The Ultimate Guide to Music Publicity, which you can download HERE for free.]

In today’s digital world, a thorough one-page press kit should consist of four parts:

1. The Bio

Create a one-page bio – we call it a signature story – that is succinct and intriguing. You have an original story; tell it!

I strongly advise hiring a professional bio writer. If you are not ready to pony up the cash, consider enlisting a fan or a friend to help you. I find that people who are great storytellers make great bio writers.

Make sure you have your bio available in several formats:

  • Longform (one page)
  • 150-200 words
  • 50 words
  • 5 – 7 highlight bullets
  • a tweet

2. The Photos

Arrange a photo shoot; if you take this seriously, you will benefit tremendously.

Create photos that are clear, well shot, and attention grabbing. Showing movement is a plus (sitting on a couch or up against a brick wall has been done too many times before). If you have a friend who knows how to use Photoshop, enlist him or her to help you do some creative editing.

Create many photos (outfits and locations) at each shoot as Social Media gobbles up new images at a fast pace.

3. Quotes & Reviews

Getting that first article written about you can feel daunting. One great place to start is your local hometown paper (assuming you don’t live in NYC or LA).

Also don’t forget to ask fans for reviews on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby that you can use in your press kit!

4. The Music

The way you present the music must be well thought out. SoundCloud is what most bloggers want and make sure you have professional artwork and separate single artwork (don’t use the same images for singles and the album!)

Proper tagging is also vital so the writers can access your tracks easily. Bandcamp and NoiseTrade are also wonderful for fans, but music writers mostly use SoundCloud.

Download The Ultimate Guide to Music Publicity for free.

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