Holy Moly: Our Artists' CD Sales Are Up from Last Year!

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We triple-checked the numbers and it’s official: our artists have collectively sold MORE CDs so far this year than they had at this same time in 2011—thousands more!

We’ve always believed you should pursue both physical AND digital distribution, and we continue to work hard to ensure that both avenues provide viable revenue streams for your music. We recently expanded our distribution network to include Alliance Entertainment, the largest wholesale CD distributor in the world, and we continue to work with Amazon.com, Super D, and other distributors and resellers, adding new ones every week.

Feeling like you’re not part of this upswing? Here are a few easy steps you can take to nab more CD sales:

Selling more physical albums through CD Baby: the basics 

1. Send us your CDs. 

Obviously, opting in for physical sales and sending us your CDs is the first step. If you need some CDs, we have tons of affordable, flexible options at our disc manufacturing site.

2. Opt in to our physical distribution program.

This is a great way to extend your sales reach beyond CDBaby.com and really take things worldwide. If you’re not part of our physical distribution network (including Amazon, Alliance, Super D, and more), opt in now.

3. Keep your album in stock and priced right. 

Fans love a good price, but they can only buy your CD if it’s available. Offering a 20% physical distribution discount and keeping track of your stock levels are two great ways to maximize your sales. Want to set or change your percentage discount? Log in here.


People say it’s a digital world, but it’s your physical albums, too, that now have a greater reach than ever before, and that can lead to more sales. Fans have countless options when it comes to buying your music, so make sure you give them what they want, and make sure it’s everywhere!
Sincerely yours,

Brian Felsen
Brian Felsen
Brian Felsen
CD Baby President

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  • Mike

    Idea (or question): is there a tool we (CDBaby Artists) can use to allow shoppers to “tell us” they’d like a physical CD? I believe certain online book store giants have a “polling tool” which collects shopper input (or polling) about books to tell publishing houses or authors what the demand for digital versions of books currently in book form only is.

  • good work keep it up…….

  • Sam

    But… is that because you have more CDs for sale, from more artists? Are CD sales growing, or just the CD Baby catalog? Because those would be very different things, IMO.

  • Actually, no. Our catalog of physical is not growing as fast (though we'd be happy if it were). It's that our number of outlets for distribution is growing very fast. Alliance Entertainment and Reseller Direct make our artists' titles available in places we’ve never been in the EU, Argentina, Taiwan, etc.

  • We don't have any existing polling tool like that. One thing you could always try, if you're reluctant to press up a bunch of discs, is to do a short-run of discs (maybe even as little as 5-10 copies). If you're selling MP3s of an album through CD Baby, you can send in the physical CDs for us to sell too at no extra charge (as long as the audio matches the MP3 version exactly). Then you can offer BOTH formats through the widget, Facebook MusicStore, and on your cdbaby.com page– and gauge the interest for CDs based on actual sales. If they sell quickly, it might be worth it to press a greater quantity. If not, just reorder smaller quantities whenever you run out. If you need any help with manufacturing CDs, check out http://members.cdbaby.com/make-discs.aspx.

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  • You can’t beat the CD Baby model of offering digital and physical products in a perfectly simple shopping experience. It’s the best of both worlds.

  • Thanks! We agree, perhaps not surprisingly. ; )

  • I have physical CDs already, but is there an actual address I can send them to so they are available for sale on cdbaby and other sites?