Promote Your Music with YouTube Playlists

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A YouTube playlist is a group of videos that play in succession. If you have a YouTube account, you can create a playlist and add any video on YouTube to that playlist, not just your own video content. This comes in handy when multiple people have uploaded content that relates to your band (concert footage, interviews, mini-documentaries, etc.) and you want to herd it all together for fans.

When the viewer plays a video from within a playlist, the rest of the videos are displayed in a queue below the video player. Playlists are easy to create and edit in the Video Manager section of your YouTube account.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating playlists:

Be strategic and create themed playlists

Remember that YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world. By taking advantage of similar videos on a particular subject, you can create playlists that will harness the power of related keywords, and potentially gain some cross-promotion with other bands. Let them know their videos have been included in your playlist and ask them to share it on their social networks.

For instance, do you have a video where you offer touring advice? Pair it with some other informational videos on touring by other bands or industry professionals. Do you have an amazing time-lapse music video? Create a playlist of “The Top 10 Time-Lapse Music Videos.”

Use your playlists to organize your own videos

Just because you’re a musician doesn’t mean everything you upload is a straightforward music video. You can use playlists to organize your content into specific themes—tour videos, behind-the-scenes recording videos, documentary clips, concert footage, music videos, etc.

Embed your playlists on your blog or website

Don’t make the fans who visit your website keep clicking on video after video. Instead—embed a playlist, and suddenly it’s like they’re watching a TV station dedicated to your music, right there on your own website.


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  • smartcastic

    woo hoo, got my first rumblefish youtube sync payment! amazing!

    gonna rush out and buy one-thirtieth of a cup of coffee with it.

  • Great information Christopher…I think that a lot of artists do not understand the value of a playlist. It is kind of like having a Twitter List or a SoundCloud Set…these tools make it easier for the audience. A simple CTA without that much effort…haha…thank you for this post.

  • Thank you for this info! Much appreciated. ;0)

  • SusanGrisantiGuitari

    I LOVE YouTube's Playlists! When a Fan asks
    about one of my songs online, I send them the
    LINK to my entire playlist, with a note
    saying 'Your Video is #17' (for example),
    it works like magic, they listen to #17
    and then scroll up and down the list
    to see what else I've got online,
    and when they forward the LINK to their
    friends, they're forwarding the entire
    playlist, not just one video! Very Cool!

  • Youtube Guru

    There was nothing mentioned about iTunes, CD baby, etc. links to albums, websites, etc. in video descriptions. People are really sleeping on this. I won't get started on it I'll never finish.


    Playlists are even more successful when you have interesting Song Titles. The title should cause the fan to want to know more about the song and create an interest in the artist.

  • awsome article

  • bob