Black Friday special: Save 50% on album distribution!

By Chris Robley
November 27, 2015{ No Comments }

Save 50% on worldwide music distribution

Save 50% on worldwide music distribution! Use code BLACKFRI2015 at checkout.

It’s our lowest price ever! Not ready to release new music? Buy now; use later.

It’s the busiest music–buying season of the year‚ and millions of people are going to be shopping for independent music online. And‚ don’t forget about the equally important post–holiday frenzy‚ when people will be spending their iTunes and Amazon gift cards!

That’s one big reason to get your music selling in all the major online outlets‚ but here’s another:

Through November 30‚ 2015 at midnight, standard album submissions at CD Baby are 50% off. That’s just $24.50!

And that’s from the most trusted name in independent music distribution‚ where you’ll NEVER pay annual fees. Just enter the code BLACKFRI2015 at checkout‚ and watch your one–time submission cost get cut in half. Read more »

3 tips to maximize merch sales

By Guest Blogger
November 24, 2015{ No Comments }

Sell More Merch at Concerts[This article was written by Chris Cornell of Manhead Merchandise.]

As a music fan, I know firsthand that buying a t-shirt or other memorabilia from your favorite artist has always been a form of popular tribute. While over the past 20 years merchandise has been an appreciated part of band revenue, it has also increasingly become a key part of their earnings.

Luckily, the quality of merchandise also continues to dramatically improve, with more product choices than ever before. Plus, as with most things today, the barriers to success have lowered thanks to technology.

Thus, here are three helpful and simple tips that musicians can benefit from in order to increase merchandise sales (which can all be scaled over time):

1. Get in tune with your audience.

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DIY Musician Stories: Chad Lawson reaches #1 on Billboard Classical

By Chris Robley
November 24, 2015{ No Comments }

Chad Lawson is a fantastic pianist and a creative composer/arranger. Pair that with a mind for marketing and it’s no wonder this Steinway artist is at the forefront of independent classical music.

His recent album The Chopin Variations, which has been called “the classical CD for people that hate classical music,” went to #1 on both the Billboard Classical and Billboard Crossover Classical charts (and on Amazon and iTunes’ Classical charts too). Read more »

Send this message to your fans by Sunday, November 29!

By Chris Robley
November 23, 2015{ No Comments }

Promote your music during the holidaysIt’s almost here: 1¢ shipping on all your CDs and vinyl — and we’ve made it easy to let your fans and friends know.

We did it last year and it was a huge hit with both CD Baby artists and customers, so let’s try it again: almost-free shipping!

From November 30th (Cyber Monday) through December 4th, standard domestic and international shipping for all CD and vinyl sales on will be just 1¢. Whether the customer buys 1 disc or 100, shipping is just one penny – total!

This deal helped encourage a lot of extra music sales last Christmas and we think it’ll help you drive up your sales this season too (especially if you run a limited-time discount on your music in conjunction with the shipping offer).

So, if you only do one thing to promote your music this holiday season, let the people that already love your music know they can get 1¢ shipping on CD and vinyl purchases at CD Baby.

Here’s how:

Send an email to your fans

To make things super simple, all you need to do is copy and paste the text below into an email you send to your fans by Sunday, November 29.

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Why your current songs probably won’t work for film or TV

By Guest Blogger
November 23, 2015{ No Comments }

Sync licensing: why your current songs probably aren't right for TV or film[This article by Eric Campbell originally appeared on the artist’s website. It is reprinted here with permission.]

You’re a songwriter. You’ve got dozens of songs that you’ve written and recorded. Maybe you wrote them for yourself hoping to perform them one day. Maybe you wrote them to pitch to other artists. Either way, these songs have been sitting around for some time now and you want to do SOMETHING with them –  ANYTHING. So you think to yourself “Maybe I can get this song placed on a film or television show.”

Stop! Erase that thought now! It’s probably not going to happen. Why? Because you didn’t write the song for film/TV and you probably don’t know the rules about writing for that medium.

Yep! Sorry to say, film/TV has it’s own rules. A lot of people think that it’s just the collecting place for songs that can’t find a home anywhere else but that’s totally not the case. Many of the songs you hear on your favorite shows were written by a songwriter like myself who has studied the rules of writing for film/TV.

So, what are these rules? That’s what I’m going to share with you in this article. Read more »

5 simple ways to improve your music PR pitch

By Guest Blogger
November 23, 2015{ No Comments }

Music Publicity Campaign for Indie ArtistsI’ve been a publicist for just over two years, and a music journalist for seven. In that time, I’ve seen countless bands reach out with the best intentions only to fall flat on their face. The truth is there’s no magic formula to making sure your music gets heard or your email read. But with a little research, time, and dedication, you can dramatically increase your chances of avoiding the dreaded delete button.

Here are five ways to nail that pitch.

Get connected

Although personalizing your email to fit the website and specific person you’re emailing is paramount, try to go a step beyond that by connecting on social media. Follow the website on Facebook & Twitter, give them a little shout out, and get to know them. Read more »

Balancing your business and your music

By Guest Blogger
November 20, 2015{ 1 Comment }

Balancing music and businessYou’ve probably heard the saying by now, but as an indie artist, you are an entrepreneur and your music is your business. But this mindset presents a whole new set of challenges.

How do you find that balance between creativity and business? How do you navigate the grey space between what you want to do creatively and what will sell? How can you find time in the day to wear two hats and still get everything done? We’ll go through some of the key points in this article, but you can also go further by downloading this free ebook.

1. Find the Right Schedule for You

Creating a schedule or routine for yourself is one of the best ways to manage your time and get more done both on the creative and the business side of your career. The key, however, is to find a schedule that works for you.

Think about when in the day you’re most productive. Do you work best at home? Or can you focus better in an office space or a practice room? Can you multitask or do you need to concentrate on tasks individually? Read more »

Santa is making a stop at the CD Baby warehouse before delivering gifts to your fans

By Chris Robley
November 19, 2015{ No Comments }

Okay. Maybe that’s a little white Christmas lie.

The reality is, Santa doesn’t NEED to stop by CD Baby’s warehouse — because this holiday season, between November 30th and December 4th, your fans can buy your CDs and vinyl from CD Baby and get 1¢ shipping on their entire order, whether they purchase one disc or one hundred. Which is almost as cool as a bunch of flying reindeer, right?

Check out details HERE, and then be sure to tell your fans about our almost-free shipping deal!

5 tips for sending better holiday emails to your fans

By Chris Robley
November 19, 2015{ No Comments }

Sending better holiday emails to your music fansHow you can create an email newsletter that drives engagement and boosts sales this holiday season

Did you know that 20% of all music sales happen in the last six weeks of the year?  That makes sense, since similar end-of-year sales spikes happen for books, clothes, and almost every other product on the market (except for bug spray and bathing suits).

With the boom in sales, of course, comes a huge increase in marketing emails, too. Why? Because email is still the best ways to reach people online — and everyone out there with something to sell knows it.

To make your email newsletters as effective as possible this season, they’ve got to cut through the rest of the noise in your fans’ inboxes.

Here are five ways to make sure people are seeing, opening, reading, and acting on the info in your holiday emails:

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CD Baby’s 2015 DIY Musician Conference (highlight video)

By Chris Robley
November 19, 2015{ No Comments }

CD Baby’s first-ever DIY Musician Conference was a huge success, with more than a thousand independent artists, songwriters, producers, and bands (from over 44 states and 14 countries) coming together for three days in Chicago to learn, help one another out, and take their careers to the next level. Read more »