It’s Not Just About YOUR YouTube Channel: Why It’s Important to Monetize Your Songs Too

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Make Money on YouTubeYou probably already know that YouTube has become one of the most effective ways for modern musicians to get their music heard.

You probably already know that having a strong video presence is a great way to feed engaging content to your fans via your social media profiles, blog, and email newsletter.

And you probably already know that you can make additional money from your music by allowing YouTube to place ads on videos that appear in your YouTube channel.

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But did you know that you can also make money from the usage of your SONGS across the entire YouTube universe?

Monetizing YouTube videos Vs. monetizing songs on YouTube

When you monetize the videos in your own YouTube channel, you allow YouTube to place ads on those videos — and they cut you in on a portion of any ad revenue generated. Well, a similar thing can be done for your SONGS too — even if they’re used in other peoples’ videos.

When a YouTube user puts one of your songs in their crazy cat video, YouTube can ID your song, place an ad on the video, and pay YOU (not the video creator) a share of ad revenue for the usage of your music. When someone else uses your music in one of their videos, they give up the right to collect ad revenue for that video — and that money gets paid to you.

The more people who use your music, the more money you make.

Here are some ways your music could be used in other peoples’ videos:

* Fan-made videos. (Host a contest!)

* Soundtrack to a dance program, recital, pageant, etc. (Seriously, it happened with one of my songs.)

* Wedding videos, vacation slideshows, family bloopers, crazy cat videos — anything where people want to add music. (Maybe they’ve licensed your tune already through a service like Friendly Music, but that doesn’t disqualify you from collecting ad revenue for continued usage.)

* Corporate presentations and how-to videos. (Hopefully that company has already paid you a sync licensing fee, too.)

* Commercials and trailers. (Same thing here — hopefully you’ve been paid already, but with YouTube monetization, you’ll earn even more.)

* Song videos (where someone uploads your song with a still image of the album art, band photo, etc.)

* And more.

Get paid for the usage of your music across all of YouTube

We want to help you make money. That’s why we’ve created a simple solution to make sure you get paid for the usage of your music on YouTube — even if it’s in someone else’s video/channel.

And because we want to make sure you’re not missing out on this money, there’s no additional cost to get enrolled in our YouTube monetization program (beyond the initial signup fee for your album or single). We’ve already paid almost half-a-million dollars to independent musicians for the usage of their music on YouTube. By the end of 2013, we’re projecting that figure will top a million. Are you earning your share?

Get started now.

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