Why Twitter is Better Than Facebook for Your Music Career

August 12, 2013{ 14 Comments }

Why Twitter is Better Than FacebookPromote your music on Twitter: it’s immediate and FREE!

When it comes to promoting your music career via social media, there are three big reasons why you should be spending as much (or more) time on Twitter as on Facebook.

1. You can reach everyone for FREE. Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm prevents a percentage of your followers from seeing the content you post — unless, of course, you pay Facebook to promote your updates, pics, videos, etc.

Twitter has no such restrictions. If your fans are logged into Twitter, they’ll see your tweets!

2. You can tweet as often as you want. Unlike Facebook, where your Edgerank score suffers the more frequently you post, Twitter lets you tweet as often or as little as you like without penalty.

3. Engage with your fans right now. Because tweets are like little micro-blogs, Twitter users are accustomed to a social experience where information is being exchanged at rapid-fire pace. It’s the perfect way to spread the news about what’s happening in your musical life at this very moment. 

There are equally loud factions in the Twitter Vs. Facebook debate, but with the changes Facebook has made over the past year and a half (to the users’ detriment, I would argue), it’s easy to see why more and more artists are favoring Twitter as a music promotion tool.

What do you think? Is Twitter a better music promotion tool than Facebook? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Hey T,

    What country?


  • Thanks. And yes, I think they keep making it more difficult to effectively use the platform without $$$.


  • joanncorley

    Own your space on Twitter with a branded "hash tag"; easier to search = love Twitter

  • Facebook's Edgerank algorithm, by selecting which of your followers most want to see your posts, they're effectively blocking all your other followers from seeing your content — unless you pay them to promote the posts, in which case they'll show it in more of your followers news feeds. Rough!


  • Well, I'd say it's a safe assumption that your target demographic uses social media less. BUT… there are still many millions of "older people" on Twitter and Facebook.


  • I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you asking how an artists makes money using Twitter?


  • What kind of music do you make? Who do you consider your ideal fan?


  • Eric John Kaiser

    Great perspective Chris. As usual, I'm tempted to say. 🙂 Thanks. I use both and find I make more business connections using twitter. On the other hand people seem to like FB for the fun stuff (videos, pix, etc…). In a way I think they are 2 different media outlet.

    • Yeah, I agree with you, especially about Twitter being better for making professional connections. Both are great for different things, but I find myself enjoying Twitter way more these days.

  • Well, I think there's a way to make all of your online efforts feed one another. If you house your content on your website and think of that as the hub, it makes it easier to wrap your mind around the satellite profiles like FB and Twitter.

    As for saving time on Twitter, check out our new guide: http://members.cdbaby.com/campaigns/request-twitt


  • Hey Keenan, I responded to this on Twitter too, but just in case — check out: http://diymusician.cdbaby.com/2012/07/facebook-fo


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  • Masonry Band

    We make indie rock n roll to put it in its most basic terms. Its not that, but thats the generic identity that most people can grasp on to. An ideal fan would be someone that knows our songs, may or may not have bought a shirt, but comes to all the shows they can go to. That being said, we have a handful of those locally. And I don't think any of them are on twitter. I think twitter is great if you already have a lot of fans on there, but I feel it is difficult to build a fanbase directly from twitter.