Using Facebook Questions to Engage Your Fans

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Facebook recently added a “questions” feature to its pages so companies, brands, and bands can engage their fan base through voter polling. Here’s how:

Fans love to feel like they’re playing a part in the creative process or career planning of a band. Need feedback on possible album titles, track listings, venues to play, tour routing, logo designs, or dinner choices? Feel like getting silly and asking your fans who “the cute one” is in your band? Use Facebook’s “questions” feature and let your fans’ voices be heard.

At the same time as you’re enlisting feedback, you’re also promoting yourself. Any Facebook user who votes will have that interaction/activity displayed on their wall along with a link to your Facebook page.

Plus, if you really want to leave things open-ended, you can click a checkbox to allow fans to offer their own suggestions and add new options to the poll.

To ask your fans a question:

1) Go to the SHARE box where you would normally go to post something to your wall.

2) Click “Question”

3) Type your question elow where it says “Learn from your fans and others.”

4) If you want to poll your fans, do NOT click the “ask question” button quite yet.

5) First, click the “add poll options” link.

6) Add as many polling options as you want your fans to see.

7) Do you want fans to be able to add their own options? If so, leave the checkbox checked.

8) Click “Ask Question” to post this poll to your wall and watch the voting results pour in!

I just tried it on my band’s page, asking which titles people prefer for my upcoming album. Here is what the question page looks like once you’ve posted it:

-Chris R. at CD Baby

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  • Thanks for letting us know about this, Chris. Very cool feature. One thing I noticed when trying to use it – if you are using facebook as your page (rather than as your personal profile), it won't give you the option to ask a question.

  • Yeah I've noticed the same thing? I can't find the question option on my band page or my personal page? suggestions?


    • Chris R. at CD Baby

      Marc, does your band have a Facebook page, as opposed to a normal Facebook profile? If so, it should appear as an option in the box where you'd normally go to post updates, photos, videos, etc.

  • I have two facebook pages: one for a specific musical project and one for my band. I can't find what you're talking about but I have it on my personal profile. But I'm a tech idiot, so that's par for the course…

    • Susan Jodoin

      I’m having the same problem. I cannot find this particular feature on the musician’s page that I help admin. :-/

  • OH! Never mind… 🙂 It has appeared! LOL

  • OK, now please go to and tell me what I'm doing wrong. This feature is ambiguous at best, at worst, idiotic in how it is set up. I can't comment? What is an "option"?

    I do so hate technology……..

    • Chris R. at CD Baby

      Hey Anita,

      The options are the polling choices. It is best to only ask one question, and then give people a few options to rank according to their preference. For example:

      Question: Whose work should I perform in May?
      Option 1: Beethoven
      Option 2: Mahler
      Option 3: Brahms
      Option 4: Dvorak
      Option 5: Bartok
      Option 6: A new work by a young composer

  • So, "Does it detract from the premiere if I "preview" two movements in May?
    1. Yes, it detracts from the 9/10/11 premiere
    2. No it doesn't detract"


    And then what? They can comment and I can't respond to their comments? And how do I see what Gunther Schuller said, because if he REALLY commented, that's HUGE. He's an ENORMOUS icon in the jazz world. He's not on my friends list…I don't think. How did he see it?