Expand Your Gig Opportunities with Alternative Venues

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Some big-city folks out there may have a hard time imagining a town without a “proper” music venue; but, in fact, those towns make up most of this country– and, I’ll bet, any country.

A small music scene probably doesn’t warrant a full-time music club. Realistically, it might not be possible to build the kind of infrastructure necessary to support one.

But what do bands in those towns do? Give up? Practice endlessly in the basement without a show in sight?

No– they take matters into their own hands, either by touring or by booking themselves at an “alternative venue” in their hometown.

Here are 3 articles that will broaden your performance horizons (hmmmm: that phrase sounded like something you’d read in your junk folder):

1. DIY Venues: Get Creative with Your Performance Spaces– How to turn your local movie theater, restaurant, art space, ice-cream shop, or hardware store into an event space for one magic night.

2. Strip Down/Double Your Reach– (Again with the spam-worthy headlines!) How to alter your setlist, arrangements, and presentation in order to fit comfortably into more performance settings.

3. Touring Tip: Play In-Studio and In-Store Shows– Some towns that do NOT have music venues still have record stores and radio stations. Play those!

Have you had experience creating your own gig opportunities despite a lack of local venues? Let us know how it went in the comment section below.

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