How I beat stage fright

January 28, 2014{ 6 Comments }

CD Baby artist Joe Kowan (aka “J-Krafty“) gave a TED Talk that was featured last week as a “Talk of the Day” on It’s about his experience dealing with intense stage fright during a series of open mic performances, and — how very TEDish of him — the way he creatively worked through that dilemma.

How do you cope when your sympathetic nervous system kicks into overdrive? Check out the video above to hear Joe’s solution, and then let us know your tricks for dealing with stage fright or even mild butterflies in the comments section below.

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  • Michael J. Epstein


  • Laura Marie Gaudette

    I have terrible stage freight even when I’m just recording….

  • Anne

    As an instrumentalist, I discovered that if I pretend I am the audience, rather than the performer when I am on stage, that really helps. When I’m playing, I zero in on how the music sounds, as if I were an audience member, and I tell myself “Listen, just listen”. I get the thought out of my head that I am the producer of the music, understanding that I am more like a conduit. This also really helps when I am performing in a noisy environment, like a restaurant, too. because I can put that bubble around me and just play.

  • I love stage fright, it’s like going for a date the first times. It’s still like this after more then 30 years, not bad for a first date feeling 🙂 I love that.