An easy way to design your own cover art for your next digital album or single

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An easy way to design a cover for your next digital album or singleHave you ever uploaded a new song to CD Baby, SoundCloud, or Bandcamp, and then felt stumped when you’re asked to upload artwork?

You’re a musician, not a designer. You want to spend your time recording and performing, not figuring out Photoshop.

But you don’t have the budget to hire a pro designer either. What are you going to do? How long will this delay the distribution of your music? Frustrating!

Luckily, there’s no need to relive that feeling. Now you can use TAD (the “Thumbnail Art Design” app) on iPhone or iPad to create quick, high quality sleeve artwork to accompany your online releases — and you can export the images at the appropriate resolution for each digital platform.

I played around on the app over the holiday weekend and it’s really easy to use. You can either begin with a classic album cover design template, or start from scratch.

Then, use a photo from your phone or pick one from the TAD library, add a logo and text, select the font, choose frames, filters, and other elements (like a Parental Warning Advisory!) and presto — your album cover art is done!

Within minutes, you’re ready to share your music (and its corresponding artwork) with the world.


TAD launched in the App Store today — and, for a limited time, is available for free (between December 1st-14th). After that it will be available for $1.99, with in-app purchases for additional fonts and art elements.

Check it out at



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  • Thanks for the support Chris. I’ll come by and answer any questions anyone has.

    I know this one weill get asked – yes, it will be available for Android as soon as we can get it done!

    • Gracious Me Music

      Yes, please update us when it’s available for Android!!! Love this concept, definitely a solution to an actual need in the marketplace. 🙂

  • I did my last EP cover on my iPhone. Took 4 different apps to get it right. Can’t wait to play with this for upcoming releases.

  • What were the four different apps you tried?


    • Scott Colesby

      The only ones I remember are Phoster, Over, and Snapseed. I would bounce between the three depending on what I was looking for.

      • Okay. Thanks. Sometimes I’ll use Wordswag to get a .png of a font.


      • Okay. Thanks. Sometimes I’ll use Wordswag to get a .png of a font.


        • Thanks for that feedback @scottcolesby:disqus

          We had been through the same process and hope that TAD fixes that problem for many. Of course, like anything you do on an iPhone, you can work in more than one App to get the result you’re after. One thing to be aware of though is the export resolution if an image passes through many apps.

          Really hope you like TAD when you give it a whirl.

          One thing – we have discovered a glitch when it runs on iPad in iOS9 – apparently an Apple code issue. We are pushing out a fix in the next 48 hours or so.

          Apple are also aware of the image handling bug and are fixing it in iOS 9 on iPad as well!

          That’s software development for you….as I am learning!

          All feedback very welcome as we continue to develop TAD.

  • Cool. Yes, that’d be great if you could monitor this post for questions!


  • That Stone Roses cover is classic! I love the Fiona one too. Thanks for the link.


  • Jeffrey Aldridge

    Who is video’s musical artist???????

    • I’m not sure, but you could probably leave a comment on YouTube and they’ll get back to you with the band name.


    • Hi Jeffrey Aldridge – the artist is a band called The Solicitors –

      One of the partners who made the app is the singer, writer and producer for the band – Lee Jones.

      He came up with the app as a tool he needed as a working musician.