Promote and sell your music online with CD Baby’s brand new Music Player

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The new CD Baby Music Player has arrived, and it’s all yours.

Feel the power as you create an unlimited number of customizable players, perfect for embedding on your website and sharing online. Build playlists from any of the tracks in your CD Baby account, and watch the ease with which reviewers and bloggers can use your music in posts and articles. Plus, you can use your Music Player to sell CDs, vinyl, and downloads too.

Did you feel that? Your promo power just kicked into overdrive.

[Check out our new Music Player video above to see it in action!]

All the features you need; none you don’t.

Create Custom playlists
Mix and match any album or song combination in your CD Baby account. Make a greatest hits. Program a playlist according to mood.

Easily embeddable by fans, writers — anyone!
Fans, bloggers, and the press can embed these players on their site with just a few clicks. Perfect companion to the album review!

Clips or full streams
Feature 30-second clips or full streams of your tracks — your choice.

Unlimited players
Create as many players as you need; save them and use them when and how you want.

4 style choices
Choose from 4 different styles, from a mini player (perfect for blogs) to a full-page music store widget.

A simple music sales tool
All the player styles link to your music on, but you can also embed a full-page music store on your website.

Ready to try it? Create your custom music player today!

CD Baby Music Player


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  • muttonkennedy

    So glad you’ve added these! My last wishlist item for CDBaby would be the ability for people to pre-order physical items as far ahead as possible. That would open up so many crowdfunding-style opportunities or even just a simple pre-order campaign.

  • Julian Angel

    It seems it connot be displayed on Facebook timelines. I think it would be really great if that worked…

  • private jones

    Does this player post to Facebook? I’m not able to get it into my FB feed so far.

  • It does share links to the music; it just doesn’t populate the feed with the player.


  • The player doesn’t populate the feed, but the links will lead to the music.


  • Pre-orders would be great, but we haven’t found a scalable way to let a quarter million artists do pre-orders, since we have to communicate with each individual artist/label about re-stock issues. Hopefully one day it’ll be an option.


  • Grace

    Hi is the player still flash?

  • HTML5.