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Get heard on Xiami, Alibaba’s music streaming platform

CD Baby has made major moves into markets outside the U.S. recently, including our foray into China about a year ago via our partnership with Tencent. Now, we continue to expand our reach into the massive market in China by distributing to Xiami Music.

What makes China such an exciting digital music market? The combination of a steadily growing number of households gaining high-speed Internet access and a large population of music listeners 30 and younger who are more willing to pay for digital content and subscription services means there are millions of potential fans for your music in China.

What is Xiami?

Xiami Music is one of the most popular music streaming platforms in China. Established in 2008, the service joined the multinational tech company Alibaba Group in 2013. Commonly called “the Amazon of China,” Alibaba began as an e-commerce company but has expanded to other areas in the tech field, with a recent emphasis on media. Its online sales and profits surpass those of all U.S. companies combined, including giants like Amazon and eBay.

With Alibaba’s backing, Xiami has become the most authoritative, professional and comprehensive music platform in China.

What services does Xiami offer?

Xiami offers several tiers of subscription for their service, each with its own features:

  1. Premium:
  • On demand music streaming available on all devices
  • No advertisements
  • Includes tethered downloads, so users can listen to downloaded songs offline
  • Standard audio quality at 320 kbps
  1. SVIP Subscription:
  • All the features of Premium with added MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) high fidelity files when available
  1. Ad supported:
  • Free to use with advertisements (like Spotify’s free tier)
  • No tethered downloads (“offline mode”)
  • Lower audio quality at 128 kbps

“Hey AliGenie”

All music on Xiami is also available on Alibaba’s artificial intelligence system AliGenie, which is similar to Amazon’s Alexa. This system is used on Alibaba’s Tmall Genie smart speaker. AliGenis is free to users without ads, so any owner of a Tmall Genie speaker can find and listen to your music simply by asking.

How do I get my music on Xiami?

If you’re distributing to streaming platforms with CD Baby, you don’t need to do anything! Your streaming distribution with CD Baby includes distribution to any platforms with whom we partner, so your music will already be distributed to Xiami at no extra cost to you!

And if you’re not distributing with CD Baby, what are you waiting for? We get your music on dozens of music platforms, including cutting edge services like Xiami and any others we partner with in the future.

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