Make your music available in China

How to get your songs onto streaming platforms in China, the world’s largest music marketplace.

Wondering if your music can be heard by hundreds of millions of streaming subscribers in China?

Here’s the short answer: Yes, if you’re distributing your music through CD Baby.

CD Baby partners with the Tencent Group to bring your songs to 3 major music platforms in Mainland China.

We’re always looking for new opportunities for your music. That’s why CD Baby is very excited to announce we’re now delivering our catalog of streaming-eligible tracks to the following three music streaming services, all powered by Tencent:

  1. QQMusic a music streaming and download service that currently has over 400m monthly active users in China.
  2. KuGou currently the largest streaming service in China. 
  3. Kuwo the fourth largest music streaming service in China.

The modern music industry is global. You should be too.

Not only has the internet accelerated the exchange of artistic ideas, leading to all kinds of international collaborations and interesting genre crossovers, it’s also intensified consumer demand for music beyond our own borders.

“Making our members’ music available in the world’s largest market for streaming subscribers offers tremendous potential for independent and emerging artists to be heard and connect with fans,” says CD Baby CEO Tracy Maddux.

This would seem unbelievable to musicians even a decade ago, that with a little bit of effort you’re as likely today to find listeners on the other side of the world as you are to find fans streaming your music down the street.

No matter how you’re reaching out to the world — through playlist strategies, social media, audio ads on streaming platforms, banner ads on major music websites, creative music videos, or something else — it’s crucial that your music be available in all the places potential fans prefer. That’s why our partnership with Tencent is so exciting; the three services listed above account for an estimated 84% of the domestic music streaming market in Mainland China.

“China and other markets with lots of potential listeners, high mobile phone usage, low cost bandwidth, and leading streaming platforms present our members with opportunities to connect with literally hundreds of millions of potential new fans,” says Maddux. “Tencent is a leader in China and throughout Asia.”

At CD Baby we’re invested in your music’s long-term success. So if you distribute songs to streaming platforms through us, we’re already delivering your music to Tencent at NO EXTRA COST and with NO ANNUAL FEES. We do this every time we find a new partner that can help extend the reach of your catalog. Because you shouldn’t have to pay more for your music to go further.