Music publishing for indie songwriters

More than a quarter-million songwriters, composers, lyricists, and producers now use CD Baby Pro Publishing to collect their composition royalties. 

Since February 2013, CD Baby Pro Publishing has been helping independent songwriters collect all their publishing royalties worldwide. Over the past seven-and-a-half years, this service has surpassed a few milestones. By March of 2017 we represented 100,000 songwriters and our publishing catalog had grown to 1 million songs by August 2018.

Now our publishing administration service has reached another huge milestone: 250,000 songwriters.

That’s right, we’re now administering the music publishing rights for a quarter of a million people. Coupled with the roughly 1.7 million songs in our publishing catalog, this makes us the largest publishing administration company by volume in the world!

Those are impressive numbers for any publisher, but they’re especially impressive for one that’s been around for less than a decade. “It’s amazing that in just a few years, so many songwriters worldwide have subscribed to our publishing admin services,” says CD Baby CEO Tracy Maddux. “It truly differentiates our distribution and works to make sure that these creators collect all of their earnings on a song.”

What does our powerful publishing admin do for independent musicians?

Accessing comprehensive publishing royalty collection has traditionally been very difficult — almost impossible — for independent songwriters. But with CD Baby Pro Publishing, you’ve got a powerhouse publishing rights administrator on your side, helping you collect:

  • Mechanical royalties from every stream worldwide
  • Mechanical royalties for every download outside the USA
  • ALL performance royalties, including ones that might otherwise have slipped through the cracks because of “reciprocal deals” between performing rights organizations
  • Other forms of publishing royalties, including revenue streams that are developing alongside new technologies and new usage of your compositions

This is YOUR money!

Without CD Baby Pro Publishing, you’re leaving a lot of it on the table. “It is extremely important to be collecting all income sources as an independent artist, especially if you write or compose your own music,” explains Jon Bahr, VP of Business Development & Licensing at AVL Digital Group, the parent company of CD Baby. “The time has come for all artists, no matter what their career stage, fanbase or geographic market, to get paid promptly and fairly for their work.”

With CD Baby, you’ll know you have a publisher on your side with a rock-solid record of accounting and royalty verification. We’ve been paying artists weekly for more than 22 years. Plus, we leave no stone unturned when collecting your royalties for you — because we wield the collective power of a quarter-million songwriters worldwide.

When you distribute new music, be sure to professionalize your publishing rights as well with CD Baby Pro Publishing. If you’re already distributing music, no worries. You can upgrade to CD Baby Publishing at any time. 

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