Come get insights from harmonica virtuoso and manufacturer Lee Oskar

Legendary composer, performer, harmonica virtuoso and manufacturer Lee Oskar will conduct a dynamic educational session at the upcoming DIY Musician Conference, demonstrating how singer/songwriters, guitar players and other instrumentalists can readily and creatively use the harmonica to make melodies, come up with hook lines, and overall, enhance their musical expression. Oskar, who is world-renowned for his harmonica wizardry, came up with unforgettable hook lines for such mega-hits as “Low Rider,” “Why Can’t We Be Friends,” and more.

Oskar touts the harmonica as an “incomparable instrument that can add mesmerizing energy, depth, spice and soul to all kinds of music, offering endless possibilities for artistic exploration.”

In the hands of an avid musician who loves to experiment and explore, the harmonica is an “amazingly versatile instrument,” which can serve as an ideal companion along one’s musical journey, helping musicians of all kinds, levels, styles and genres attain heightened artistry and variety.

What’s more, according to the world-renowned Oskar, “You don’t need any prior experience to play the harmonica. It’s as simple and natural as breathing to play the harmonica!”

At the upcoming conference, Oskar will demonstrate with the innovative Lee Oskar Harmonicas QuickGuide system, showing how to use different harmonica tunings (standard and altered tunings) to make melodies and play a wide range of musical styles, including: Blues, Rock/Pop, Folk, Country, R & B, Reggae, Jazz, Latin, Funk, Hip Hop, Ska, Afro, Clave, Gypsy, Yiddish, Asian, East European, and Tango. Oskar is thrilled to share his passion for the harmonica with fellow musicians and inspire others to access the “magic, versatility and artistic power of the harmonica.”

He is proud to offer musicians easy-to-follow guidance through the educational Lee Oskar Harmonicas website,, which includes chord diagrams and instructional videos.

As an engaging speaker, Lee Oskar will share his expertise to enlighten and inspire CD Baby’s DIY Musician Conference attendees. Participants can enjoy his informative and inspiring session from 3:15-4:15 pm on Saturday, October 1 and 1:45-2:45 pm on Sunday, October 2.

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