Get push notification for Amazon Music playlist adds

Find out in real-time when Amazon Music playlists feature your track.

Amazon Music for Artists can now alert you any time your music has been added to a playlist.

You just have to enable push notifications within Amazon Music for Artists.

Also be sure you’ve upgraded to the latest version of the app.

How to enable Amazon Music for Artists notifications

First, open the app.

If you see this prompt, tap “Turn on Notifications.”

How to get alerted about Amazon Music playlist activity

If you don’t see the prompt above, you should:

  1. Tap the wheel in the top right
  2. Select “user settings”
  3. Hit “push notifications”
  4. Enable “alerts and insights”

Once enabled, you’ll receive up to one notification per day.

If you click on the push notification, you’ll see more details about any playlist that added your music.

If your songs get added to tons of playlists (lucky!), multiple notifications with be grouped together so your phone doesn’t blow up all day.

Amazon Music for Artists is an essential promotion tool

Amazon Music added this new feature so you can act quickly on every playlist placement. That could mean sharing the good news on social, following along with your song’s performance, or making better decisions about other marketing activities.

Now with a single app, you can:

Not sure how to pitch your new songs to Amazon Music? Here’s a quick tutorial: