Header for Pitch Your New Music to Amazon Music's Playlists

Have you ever been listening to a playlist on Amazon Music and wondered how you can place your own music alongside your favorite artists? Now you can with Amazon Music for Artists’ New Release Pitch Tool!

This new feature allows artists to pitch their music directly to Amazon’s playlist curators for consideration. If accepted, Amazon’s playlist editorial team will place your song on playlists that match its genre or style. This feature alone can put your song in front of thousands of listeners!

How to pitch your music to Amazon Music playlists

What are the benefits of pitching my song to Amazon Music?

Placing your music on playlists with tons of new listeners is the big takeaway here, but it’s not the only benefit of pitching to Amazon Music.

When you pitch to Amazon Music for playlist consideration, your existing fans and followers will receive:

  • Activity posts on their feed in the Amazon for Music app
  • Mobile push notifications to their smartphone
  • Alerts and prompts from Alexa if they request your music

So it’s not just about pitching for placement on Amazon’s playlists. Even if the curators don’t select your song, the information you enter and the metadata embedded into your track help Amazon determine where and when to play your song.

How do I pitch my song for an Amazon playlist?

The first thing you’ll need to do is verify your artist profile on Amazon Music for Artists if you haven’t already.

Once you’re verified on Amazon Music for Artists, follow these steps to pitch your song:

  1. Open the Amazon Music for Artists app and select “New Releases.”
  2. Choose your song.
  3. Pitch your music. This includes entering required information like: why listeners will like the song, the genre and if the song has lyrics.
  4. You can also enter optional information that will better help Amazon determine where to place your song if it’s chosen. This includes: what artists you sound like, where your biggest fan base is, what mood your song fits and how you would describe it.
  5. Review your information and submit the song.

What songs are eligible for playlist consideration?

Your song must meet the following criteria for you to pitch to Amazon Music:

  • New (cannot have been previously released)
  • One track per release (if it’s a EP or album, only one song from it can be submitted)
  • Distributed to Amazon Music with streaming rights (make sure you’ve selected streaming when signing up your submission for distribution)
  • Must be pitched a maximum of 14 days after the release date

And that’s it! Got a new track you want placed on a playlist? Log in to your Amazon Music for Artists account and submit it for consideration today!