Here’s the big idea: The Top 100 Must-Follow Music Resources on Twitter!

But that’d be a lot to digest at once, right? So we’re going to break our big list of Twitter recommendations into bite-sized bits– 10 at a time in each of 10 categories.

To kick things off, here are the top 10 Twitter accounts you should follow if you want to stay up-to-date on all things music technology-related.

  1. @haynes_daveDave Haynes is the VP of Business Development at Soundcloud. He is the organizer of the OpenMusicMedia and Music Hack Day events that take place across the world.
  2. @katiesw1Katie Wardrobe is music technology trainer, educator, Mac user, copyist, arranger, a cappella singer.
  3. @sarahintampaSarah Perez is former staff writer at ReadWriteWeb. She is currently a blogger at TechCrunch.
  4. @future_of_musicThe Future of Music Coalition sponsors education, research, and advocacy for musicians.
  5. @JoshConstineJosh Constine has a M.A. in Cybersociology, is a “culture omnivore,” and also writes for TechCrunch.
  6. @SFMusicTechThe San Francisco Music Tech Summit (or SFMusicTech)  brings together visionaries in the music/technology space, along with the best and brightest developers, entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, journalists.
  7. @bandzoogleBandzoogle offers website creation and hosting for musicians and bands, where you can sell music, merch, and tickets, take direct donations, pledges for crowdfunding, and create monthly fan subscriptions from your website, all commission-free. Try Bandzoogle free for 30 days to build a website for your music.
  8. @listeningpostEliot Van Buskirk is the editor of and writes about digital music trends.
  9. @tatianaTatiana Grace Simonian is the head of music partnerships for Twitter. She owns a Korg Triton and loves Star Wars. Enough said.
  10. @jackconteJack Conte is a musician and tech enthusiast. He is also one half of the Youtube sensation Pamplemoose.

The Twitterverse is hundreds of millions of people strong, so we may’ve missed a few good names. If so, let us know in the comments section below. And stay tuned in the coming weeks for more Twitter recommendations!

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