Legal documentYou probably don’t spend hours a day keeping up with the latest developments in entertainment law, but if you want to take a daily dose in 140-character increments, here’s a list of experts you should follow on Twitter to stay up-to-date on all things copyright, trademark, licensing, publishing, sync, contracts, royalty splits, etc.

 The top 10 MUSIC LAW resources on Twitter 

1. Christiane Kinney @musicalredhead 

Kinney writes/blogs about legal issues pertaining specifically to
DIY/indie musicians. She’s one herself, so her in-the-thick-of-it
perspectives carry a lot of weight.

2. Larry Zerner @Zernerlaw

Zerner is a lawyer in Los Angeles whose main emphasis is copyright,
trademark and entertainment law. He often blogs about music-related cases
and discusses them in his feed.

3. Cassandra Spangler @cspanmusiclaw

Spangler is a NY-based entertainment lawyer specializing in music, and is
also an independent musician herself. As she says, “I understand firsthand
the challenges facing independent artists and companies attempting to
navigate the often-present power imbalance of the music industry.”

4. Michael Scott @CopyrightLaw

This Twitter feed isn’t entirely about music, but many of the issues
discussed here can be applicable to any creative works. Great links to
current copyright news, as well as discussions on topics you might never
even have thought of.

5. Gordon Firemark @gfiremark

Firemark’s focus is on theatre, film, and TV, but he also covers music.
Plus, he provides many real-time links to stories that affect anyone in
the entertainment industry.

6. Peter Kaufman @dealfatigue

Kaufman is an entertainment lawyer who covers the ever-shifting
“deal-making culture.” He provides links to stories that are in that vein,
many about music.

7. Todd Murphy @The_Jazz_Lawyer

Murphy is a music lawyer, a producer, a musician, and a guy who just
generally knows about the business. Great insight on issues relating to
the ways in which musicians get paid.

8. Mita Carriman @nymusiclawyer

Carriman stays on top of all the legal entertainment trends, and does a
great job of sharing links to lots of articles about the rights of

9. Tamera Bennett @TameraBennett

Bennett is a lawyer who handles copyright law and music publishing. Lots
of great links to stories about music, as well as general trademark and
copyright stuff.

10. Steve Gordon @SteveGordonLaw

Gordon is an entertainment lawyer, author of the book ‘The Future of the
Music Business,’ and the host of the podcast of the same name.

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