#111: Tom Jackson – The Live Band Makeover thumbnail

While up at the ECMA music conference in Canada, Kevin (our host) witnessed Tom Jackson’s live-performance-makeover session. Tom works with a band and helps them make improvements to their live show and the audience watches the transformation take place before their very eyes. After the session ended, Tom and Kevin sat down to talk. This podcast is the recording of that discussion.

Those of you who have been listening to the podcast for a long time may recall our interview with Tom Jackson way back on episode 43 (January 2009). It was an extremely popular episode that created a lot of discussion, so if you may want to go back and give it a listen.

This episode will undoubtedly generate discussion as well. Be sure to leave a comment or call our listener line. The details on how to do that will be at the end of the show.

Tom is offering a special discount on his video series exclusively for CD Baby artists. Find out more HERE.