#082: Brian Mazzaferi – I Fight Dragons thumbnail

Brian is a member of the Band I Fight Dragons, who after their first year, find themselves signing a major label record deal. What’s interesting is the events that led them to that deal were very focused DIY tactics that built an enormous amount of buzz and started generating consistently strong sales for their music. We’ve talked to numerous solo artists in past episodes that have built a full time career going completely the DIY route, but in Brian’s opinion it’s still tough as a band that might have 4-5 members to generate enough income on their own to sustain a living for that many people with out some sort of larger machine behind them. He highlights that for bands we might still be in a middle area between the old music business models and the models of the future. I think you’ll find Brian’s insights to be thought provoking and possibly a slightly different take on where things are in the industry. Plus he shares some great DIY tips that has helped them make strong connections with the fans.

You can hear I Fight Dragons on CD Baby here – http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ifightdragons