#079: Roundtable – See ya 09!  Hello 2010! thumbnail

iTunes and Lala tie the knot and tech blogs are a buzz with the news. What does this mean for the future of digital music? Are we moving into the cloud? Also, 2009’s top ten viral videos are not what you might expect (sadly no monkey that smells his own poop and then falls backwards out of a tree). The Podcasters recap last weeks interview with Ryan States and chat about their holiday music endeavors. Plus your stories, tips, tricks and comments on our listener line. Enjoy this episode with a cup of hot coco. We’ll see you next year!

The Top 10 viral video list can be found here

A special thanks to Matt at Finley Sound. You can get the Christmas song he mixed for free here. Need something mixed? Check out his site http://finleysound.com/