Most music gurus will agree that it’s important to grow your numbers of Facebook Fans and Twitter followers.  But what are you doing once you’ve gotten these people listening?  There is a disturbing trend amongst artists who are trying to use social networks to promote their music that is actually having a negative effect.  Many will put a lot of effort into building an online community only to spam their followers with endless unwanted post about mafia wars, IQ test, and the latest internet money making scheme. The result? A fan who WAS listening clicks the “unfollow” button. In their mind, you officially crossed the line from promoter to spammer.

Be careful! – Before you allow a 3rd party application access to your Twitter or Facebook account, be sure you understand what it will do to your feed.  Will all your followers now see constant updates about your video game habits?  Is your account being used to promote someone else’s products or site?

If you just can’t say no to a good game of Farmville (or any other internet game/activity with a social network component), my suggestion is that you NEVER under any circumstance use the same account you use to promote your music.  That’s the only way to be 100% sure you’re not an accidental spammer.

Tip: If any 3rd party application asks permission to connect to your Facebook account (via Facebook Connect) or your Twitter account, that’s your first clue that they might be posting content on your feed.  Not all of these are bad, just be sure you understand what you are getting into first.