#078: Ryan States – Remote collaboration thumbnail

As we head into the next decade armed with faster internet connections and more bandwidth, it’s exciting to see the innovative ways artists are starting to collaborate with each other. Entire albums are now being recorded by exchanging files across the web which has allowed incredible access to musicians who were formerly only available if you were in the right town. Ryan States got a job playing keyboard in the circus, which keeps him out on the road constantly, and in years past, many musicians were faced with the decision of whether to stay in town and pursue their own music career, or go out on the road for someone else and get paid. Even thought Ryan is often in remote locations and makes his home on a train, he’s had some pretty amazing musicians play on his new album, just by exchanging files over the web. Is this how the album of the future will be made?

You can hear Ryan’s new album here – http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ryanstates