Sync licensing: A list of CD Baby placements Sync licensing: A list of CD Baby placements

CD Baby artists placed in major TV shows highlights CD Baby sync placements

If you’ve watched the most recent seasons of some popular Netflix, Hulu, and basic cable shows, you’ve likely heard songs by CD Baby artists used in an episode. A post on today highlights sync placements by CD Baby artists on:

  • Stranger Things
  • Narcos
  • SEAL Team
  • and ads for major companies like Volkswagen and Jeep

Al Hazen, Hurricane Express and King Luan are independent artists just like you who have had their songs licensed for these placements, generating extra revenue for the use of their music.

How did they get these songs placed?

These artists opted in for CD Baby’s sync licensing program when they were submitting their music! Sync licensing is the placement of music in other media like TV shows, movies, video games, or advertisements. CD Baby offers this service at no additional cost to artists. All you have to do is select the option for sync licensing when you are submitting your music. 

If you are already distributing music through us and would like to opt in for this service, follow these steps:

  1. Click the View/Edit button for your submission
  2. Scroll down and click Sync, YouTube and Facebook
  3. Click Edit Sync Licensing Options
  4. Click Collect Sync Money

Opting in to sync licensing will add your song(s) to our music library

Music supervisors for TV networks, film studios and advertising firms use music libraries to search for music to place in their media. They search terms relating to genre, tempo, instrumentation, and feel to find a song for a specific scene or type of project they’re working on.

That’s why it’s crucial during the submission process to complete all the information about your release, including:

  • Genres
  • Sub-genres
  • Sounds-like artists
  • Mood
  • Language
  • and more

All this information helps us locate the right music for the right project.

Music supervisors love CD Baby

More and more music supervisors are seeking music from CD Baby because we boast a large catalog of music that can be licensed without the red tape of major label interference. Since opting in to sync licensing with CD Baby means the artist owns their copyright, music supervisors have learned that licensing through us is quick and easy because they can clear all the rights in one place.

Also, CD Baby’s catalog is especially attractive due to the breadth of genres our artists play. Or, as VP of Creator Services Jon Bahr says in the Broadway World post, “Our catalog is so broad and massive that we can get very specific. We have a version of most things people are looking for.”

We do the work for you

When CD Baby secures a sync placement, we negotiate the placement fee. The fee amount is dependent on a few factors, including the budget of the project, the nature of the usage, and the duration of the song being synched. The company then pays us that placement fee. We take a 40% cut from this revenue, which is considerably less than what traditional placement companies take, since many also require a claim to your publishing. You then keep the remaining 60% of the placement fee.

How to be successful licensing your songs.