The music industry has changed a lot in the last two decades. So has CD Baby. And we’re not slowing down.

When CD Baby began, major-label industry types were still calling most of the shots in the music biz. Twenty years later, artists are building careers on their own terms, and CD Baby is paying more money than ever to our independent musicians.

Check out our video playlist above for a short trip down memory lane, and see how the major labels reacted to CD Baby.

Yes, times have changed, but you can still get album distribution at our original, 1998 pricing: $35 Standard album distribution.

One big difference, though: in 1998 you weren’t getting YouTube Monetization, trending reports, sync-licensing opportunities, or any of the other extra tools we’ve added over the years and will continue to add, all at no extra cost to our artists.

(We’re also throwing in a $20 discount on Pro Publishing albums.)

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Standard Album: 20YEARS
Pro Publishing Album: 20YEARSPRO

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