Increase Your Sales in One Quick Minute with CD Baby’s Link Maker

You may have heard the quote, “You can lead a thirsty horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”  Well, we don’t know much about horses per se, but in the world of indie-music marketing it is truly shocking how many artists aren’t even leading their metaphorical horses to the allegorical water.

After all, people won’t buy your music if they don’t know that they CAN buy it. Time and time again, we see artists forgetting to tell their fans how and where to purchase their albums and downloads. Heck, we’ve even noticed that some very well respected, successful artists have been guilty of this oversight.

When you’re managing your own career there are a million little items on your DIY to-do list, so it is easy to let things slip through the cracks. But this one isn’t optional. Linking fans to your album page is a MUST. The good news is that it’ll only take you a minute and you’ll immediately see traffic to your CD Baby page go up!

Use CD Baby’s Linkmaker

CD Baby makes it simple for you. All you’ve got to do is use our Link Maker to generate a graphic hyperlink that comes customized with your album artwork.

1. Click here:
2. Type in your artist or album name and click “submit.”
3. Once you’ve located the appropriate title, click “select.”
4. Choose your favorite design from the selections and copy the HTML code to the right.
5. Paste that code into your website, social networking profiles, emails, or any other place that takes HTML.

Use CD Baby’s Store Widget

1. Click here: to log in to your account.
2. Click the Widget Store Button on the top left
3. Choose your Widget type and colors
4. Copy the resulting code and paste it into any HTML enabled website.

For more detailed instructions see here.

You can even put it on Facebook! See this tutorial.

Presto! Now your fans wont have any trouble finding your music. Now you just need to convince them to drink it

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