The Myspace Music App Puts Your Myspace Page on Facebook

Myspace just rolled out its official Myspace Music App, which allows artists to copy their existing Myspace content (including songs, pictures, and videos) from Myspace to Facebook.  It also allows simultaneous updates across both platforms.

This is a convenient tool for artists who have come to realize that music fans are becoming scarce on the Myspace network. Of course, it also makes you wonder what will happen to Myspace’s advertising revenue as they let artists direct traffic towards their biggest competitor.

To use the app, you need to be the admin of an existing Facebook page. (If you’re unclear on the difference between a Facebook “page” and “profile,” or if you need help turning your profile into a page, check out this article.) Once transferred, your content will be available to fans under a “Music” tab on your Facebook page. Of course, any updates you want reflected on both sites will have to be made through Myspace.

For musicians struggling to maintain a presence on both social networks, and for those who still haven’t found a great way to represent their music on Facebook, this could be good news. And, if you spent years building up content on Myspace and have been putting off tackling the daunting task of manually transferring it to your Facebook page, this might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Are you planning on using the app? What are your thoughts on this move by Myspace? Respond in the comments below.

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