Music publishing administration explained


CD Baby Pro Publishing will help you collect all the publishing royalties your music generates, including:

  • All mechanical royalties from Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming sites. These are generated from every single stream.
  • All iTunes international mechanical royalties. These are generated from every single sale.
  • Global YouTube publishing royalties.
  • Hundreds of other sources of songwriting and publishing royalties from around the world.

For the basics on music publishing, check out “What is music publishing administration, and why do I need it?

If you’re curious about your publishing rights, what publishing royalties your music may be generating, and why you need a publishing rights administrator in order to collect them, check out his article HERE — or watch the quick video above.


To make sure you’re collecting ALL your publishing royalties, join CD Baby Pro Publishing today — available in dozens of countries and territories around the world.

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