A few years ago we launched a publishing administration service for independent songwriters called CD Baby Pro. Along the way we built one of the largest indie publishing houses out there, driven by a 133% increase in publishing revenue in 2015 compared to the year before. And it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

CD Baby Pro currently administers 470,000 songs by more than 100,000 songwriters from the US, Canada, UK, and Republic of Ireland (with plans to open up our service to songwriters in another 25 countries by the end of the year), and we collect royalties from 90 different countries and territories.

Because we don’t rely solely on the kinds of reciprocal deals that US-based Performing Rights Organizations negotiate with foreign collection societies, CD Baby Pro is one of the fastest ways for songwriters to collect performance royalties.

In addition to performance royalties, CD Baby Pro has direct deals with collection societies worldwide to claim mechanical royalties generated in large part by by global streaming activity and international download sales. These mechanical royalties are difficult (if not impossible) for songwriters to collect on their own, and they are not collected by P.R.O.s such as ASCAP or BMI.

This is YOUR money, and if you’ve got original music on streaming services, CD Baby Pro is the only way to make sure you’re getting every penny.

We’ve paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars to CD Baby artists, and we want to help you get set up for success too. From now through April 30th, 2016, use one of the codes below to save 20% on your new CD Baby Pro signup.


These codes are only good for new submissions, but remember: you can upgrade existing music at any time.

Questions about how Pro works? Check out our info-packed videos here.

Other questions about Pro? Go here for the CD Baby Pro section of our Help Center.

Go Pro and collect all your publishing revenue!