Pandora AMPcast, a free direct-to-fan marketing tool

AMPcast, Pandora’s new direct-to-fan marketing tool

Got a new release or tour date you’d like to tell your fans on Pandora about?

Now (or soon) you can with Pandora AMPcast, a free direct-to-fan audio messaging tool that is part of Pandora’s Artist Marketing Platform.

With the AMPcast app, you just record a short voice message on your mobile device and then target the listeners on Pandora that you want to hear the message (which will be played while people listen to your songs on the platform). You can even include links, which is crucial when using AMPcast to sell albums or tickets.

AMPcast is in Beta right now, but within a few months it will be open to all artists with Pandora AMP accounts. To create an AMP account, click HERE

If you already have an AMP account, login and you should see an alert at the top of your dashboard announcing AMPcast with a link to request an invite for the Beta version.

Will you use AMPcast? Excited to try it out? Leave your comments below.

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