A last-minute Facebook Timeline roundup

Procrastinators, slackers, objectors, and those of you still in denial:  the time for Timeline is nigh!

Tick, tock, tick, tock.

You have 3 days left until Facebook automatically switches every Facebook band page to the new Timeline format.

To help you make the quick switch, I thought I’d draw your attention to 3 of our recent articles on the subject:

1. Using the New Facebook Timeline Features to Market Your Music

2. How to Set Up Facebook Timeline for Bands

3. 12 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Fanbase Using Timeline

3 Days– 3 articles. You decide: swallow this medicine whole or take it in daily doses?

All that being said, (yes, we all hate change) Timeline does have some great new features that will continue to make Facebook an important place to promote your music. So check out the articles above and let us know how the switch is going for you.

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