My compadre Chris Bolton (“The Bolt”– for all you podcast listeners) over at the HostBaby Blog just wrote a nice piece that fits right in with our recent string of Facebook Timeline posts.

In it, he argues (would anyone disagree?!!!) that you should be principally focusing your web efforts on your own website, dipping your hand into that big ‘ole bucket of content, and then throwing some good morsels out to the social networks.

For all the details, check out his full article Your Facebook Page is Not a Website, but I’ll highlight his main points below.

5 Reasons Relying on Facebook Will Let You Down

1. A Facebook Page is not an easy place to find info: Bios, MP3s, tour dates,… the stuff that bookers and journalists want to see upfront– that stuff is now obscured a bit and they’ll have to click around to find what they need, IF they can find it at all.

2. A Facebook Page does not give you design control: Yep, you’re at the mercy of all that blue and white, not to mention Facebook’s flow and functionality.

3. A Facebook Page is not a reliable way to connect with fans: Unlike some of us, people don’t check their Facebook feed every hour.  In fact, data shows that only about 17% of your Facebook fans actually see any given post.

4. A Facebook Page is distracting: Messages, ads, updates. Who knows what to look at?

5. A Facebook Page is not a website: is a website; they’re just lending you a little bit of space.

Don’t be at the mercy of Facebook, MySpace, or any other social network; create your own home online.

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