Click to TweetA new tool lets fans tweet compelling one-liners from your website

A couple weeks ago, I read a blog post about a cool feature for Twitter which gives you the ability to have tweetable highlights, or “teaser tweets,”on your blog posts.

Using a generator called “ClicktoTweet,” bloggers are able to highlight text (like a cool quote or great one liner) within their blog articles and make it easy for readers to tweet it out to the Twitterverse, directing traffic back to said blog, like so:

Teaser Tweet

You fans can click on the Twitter icon (see photo above) within your blog post and it will populate a tweet, giving them the ability to tweet out that cool quote specifically, with a link back to the full blog post as well. Like this:

Teaser Tweet

So how is this useful to musicians? Well, say you have a blog post on your website about your latest album that includes some intriguing quotes about the creative process, the writing of the songs, the band drama, etc.— you could use this tool to highlight interesting quotes from your blog and make them tweetable for fans (click to tweet!).

Ready to try it? Just go to and enter the text you want others to tweet about. It will generate a link for you, which you can then add to your post!

If you’re looking for a little more help, check out this post by Laura Christianson on how to add ‘ClicktoTweet’ to a blog post (just scroll down to the “how to add your teaser tweet to a blog post” part specifically).

Do you think you’ll use “ClickToTweet” to promote your music, blog posts, and more? Let us know in the comments below.

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