[These handy tips are brought to you by GearTrack, an online musical instrument registry that aims to deter theft and aid in recovery.]

If you’ve never been the victim of instrument theft, chances are you know someone who has. You’ve probably even seen at least one Facebook post about someone’s stolen guitar. In honor of National Instrument Theft Prevention Day (yeah, we made that up), we’re sharing 5 ways to prevent theft and set yourself up for recovery  – in case it happens to you!

1. Never leave a man behind (in the car)

No matter that extreme temperatures could play havoc on your setup. More importantly, car/van/trailer break-ins are one of the most frequent theft stories we hear. Don’t believe me?

2. Duck & Cover

Your garage may be a great place to get loud, but anyone with the motivation and inclination could probably guess that your gear is vulnerable. Put things away after practicing, cover windows when possible and Lock. It. Up.

3. Insure? Just Do It Already!

If you make money with your rig, chances are it won’t be covered by your homeowner’s or renter’s policy. Check the fine print and look into instrument insurance. It’s actually not too expensive, and can get you back on the road quick if disaster strikes.

4. Take Stock

Take a moment and record all serial numbers. Take photos of identifying marks. These important details can mean getting your instrument back should theft occur. Store these details in a safe place, away from gear. We know a good place

5. Make Your Mark

Try placing a sneaky hidden ID in your instrument (especially if it doesn’t have a serial number) in a place thieves wouldn’t think to look. Do the same with your case.


Have you had instruments stolen? What did you do to replace/recover them? Let us know your story in the comments section below.

GearTrack is an online musical instrument registry that aims to deter theft and aid in recovery. Instrument lovers can organize their collection safely in the cloud. Victims of theft get stolen alerts to the WatchDog network, tools for search and recover, and more. Buyers and sellers can easily search serial numbers before trading second hand gear. Free & easy peace of mind – What are you waiting for? Learn more here. 

[Picture of thief from Shutterstock.]